About Me

Professional Summary

  • Completed a Ph.D. in Engineering and Computer Science, Victoria University of Wellington
  • 7 years of experience in research and development in wireless communication systems
  • 6 years of teaching experience in New Zealand and international universities
  • Publications in well-known IEEE research journals and international conference proceedings
  • Several prestigious scholarships and research grants
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills: Prezi, MS Powerpoint, Latex
  • Expertise in Next Generation Wireless Systems and Standards, Optimisation
  • Expertise in Data Analysis: Matlab, Python (Anaconda), Excel
  • Expertise in Object-oriented programming: C, C++, Objective C, Swift, Java
  • Expertise in Mobile Software Development: IOS and Android development

Personal Summary




  • Victoria University of Wellington, Ph.D. in Engineering and Computer Science
    • Graduated in August, 2016. Thesis Title: Interference Alignment and Cancellation in Wireless Communication Systems
  • Izmir Institute of Technology, M.Sc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering
    • Graduated in 2011, Thesis Title: Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio Networks with Multiple Antennas
  • Istanbul University, B.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Graduated in 2007, Thesis Title: Speaker Identification in DSK 6713C


  • Udacity, IOS Developer Nanodegree (Graduated in 2016)


Research Interests

Main Research Topics


  • Interference Alignment in Next Generation Mobile Networks
  • Wireless Communication Systems, ETSI 3GPP standards, WIMAX and LTE – Advanced
  • Massive MIMO, mmWave Communications
  • Cognitive Radios, Spectrum Sensing, Detection and Estimation
  • Internet of Things, IoT Applications in Agriculture



Main Programming Skills


  • Matlab, C, C++
  • IOS Developing: Swift, Objective C
  • Java, Python, C#
  • Git – GitHub




 Journal Publications:

  • Ustok R.F., Dmochowski P., Smith P. and Shafi M. “Cooperative Interference Alignment and Cancellation for Cellular Networks with Imperfect CCSI”  IET Communications, 10(5) 2016, , pp. 525 – 533
  • Ustok R.F., Dmochowski P., Smith P. and Shafi M. “Interference Alignment for Cellular Networks with SLRINR-based precoders” Submitted to AEU International Journal of Electronics and Communications,
  • Ustok R.F., Dmochowski P., Smith P. and Shafi M. “Interference Cancellation with Jointly Optimized Transceivers in Multi-User Multi-Cellular Networks” Submitted to IEEE Trans. on Veh. Tech.

Conference Proceedings:

  • Ustok R.F., Shafi M., Dmochowski P. and Smith P..”Interference Alignment with Combined Receivers for Heterogeneous Networks” Proc. Of IEEE International Conf. on Communications, 2014, pp:35-40
  • Ustok, R.F., Dmochowski P.A.,Smith P. and Shafi M. “Aligned Interference Neutralisation for 2x2x2 Interference Channel with Imperfect Channel State Information” Proc of IEEE International Conf. on Communications, 2013, pp:5230 – 5235
  • Ustok, R.F. and Ozbek, B., “Spectrum Sensing Based on Cyclostationary Feature Detection for Cognitive Radios with Multiple Antennas”, Proc. Of IEEE Signal Processing and Communication Applications Conf. , 2011, pp:550-553
  • Ustok, R.F. and Ozbek,B., “Spectrum Sensing Based on Energy Detection for Cognitive Radio Systems with Multiple Antennas”, Proc. Of IEEE Signal Processing and Communication Applications Conf., 2009, pp: 396-399


  • Ustok R.F. “Interference Alignment and Cancellation for Wireless Communication Systems” Ph.D. Thesis, Victoria University of Wellington, 2016
  • Ustok R.F. “Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radios with Multiple Antennas” M.Sc. Thesis, Izmir Institute of Technology, 2010


Mobile Apps

The True Honey Co:

  • This application is built for The True Honey Co. Manuka honey company in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. It consists of several screen including photo-sharing, blog, newsletter updates and shopping. It also has push-notifications fuction which allows the company to broadcast new campaigns to the users

Heliworx Aotearoa:

  • This application is built for Heliworx Aotearoa which is a helicopter company to carry out tests/ jobs to Manuka Honey beehives in rural parts of New Zealand. This applications tracks the jobs to be done for each beehive. It works with smart beacons to recognize the helicopter and the beehives.

Uara IOS App:

  • This application is built for potential investors in order to provide them with information about properties in the market. It calculates the real-time average rent for a similar property in the suburb where the selected property is located (based on the properties currently advertised on trademe) and then estimates the yield. It also ranks the properties based on their estimated yield and shows on the map with different colouring.
  • The app uses trademe API and currently includes the properties only in Wellington.

Quickmapp IOS and watchOS App:

The application aims to provide immediate access to all the information a tourist or a local needs, such as general information about the location, the weather forecast and the news, and an inventory of restaurants, things to do, events, meetup groups and accommodation. The user will also be able to get the cheapest price for the accommodation and book the room via various booking services available. The user will also be able to see how to reach to the selected place(restaurant, hotel, museum, park, etc..) on the map and also read reviews from other people. In this app, I have used several different APIs such as Google APIs, forecast API, meetup API, eventful API. The application also uses Core Data, so that when a location is downloaded, all information about this location is accessible by the user unless they delete this location from their list. I have also built a website for this application (http://www.quickmapp.com) for promotion purposes.

The Lyall Bay SLSC  IOS App: 

The IOS Application for Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club. The application consists of 6 views. Making the club and emergency services easily accessible, the opening view of the app consists of two buttons that the users can call the club and emergency services. Furthermore, the users can get the latest club Facebook updates, the live broadcast from a webcam in Lyall Bay, next team due to patrol the beach (data parsed from our website), the weather forecast and swell report (data parsed from forecast.io) and training logs (core data). The users also receive notifications for their upcoming trainings. The app is available to download at Apple App Store for free.

Udacity NanoDegree Apps:

  • The Virtual Tourist : Built an app with Swift 2.2 that allows users to tour the world without leaving the comforts of their couch. This app allows you to drop pins on a map and pull up Flickr images associated with that location. Locations and images are stored using Core Data. I built this app as a requirement for IOS Developers Nanodegree Program. This app is available to download at my GitHub profile.  
  • On The Map : Built an app that posts user-generated location information to a shared map, pulling the locations of fellow Udacity Nanodegree students, with custom messages about themselves or their learning experience. I built this app as a requirement for IOS Developers Nanodegree Program. The app is available to download at my GitHub profile.  
  • Meme Me : MemeMe is a meme generating app that enables a user to attach texts to a picture that they take or already on their phones. After adding text to an image chosen from the Photo Album or Camera, the user can share it with friends. MemeMe also temporarily stores sent memes which users can browse in a table or a grid. I built this app as requirement of IOS Developers Nanodegree program. This app is available to download at my GitHub profile.
  • Perfect Pitch : Built an IOS app that records a conversation between you and a friend, and then makes your voices sound like a Chipmunk or Darth Vader. The app is written with Swift 2.2. I built this app as a requirement of IOS Developer Nanodegree program at Udacity. This app is available to download at my GitHub profile.